Supercomputing Asia 2018 (SCA18) Awards

Call for Nomination Begins

Oct 2017

Submission Deadline

30 Nov 2017

About the Awards

The Supercomputing Frontiers (SCF)/National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore awards was inaugurated in 2017, at the third annual Supercomputing Frontiers High Performance Computing (HPC) conference. Organised by NSCC, SCF provides a platform for thought leaders from both academia and industry to interact and discuss visionary ideas, important global trends and substantial innovations in supercomputing.

Riding on the success of the SCF conference series, NSCC is embarking on SupercomputingAsia 2018 (SCA2018), an annual conference that will encompass an umbrella of notable supercomputing events, armed with the key objective of promoting a vibrant and relevant HPC ecosystem in Singapore. The SCF/NSCC awards

The SCF/NSCC awards will be rebranded as the SupercomputingAsia (SCA)/NSCC awards in 2018, with the aim of promoting excellence in HPC, networking, storage and visualisation in the areas of Singapore’s research, innovation, education and enterprise. Since it is Asia-ish, categories have expanded to “Asia” wide title.

A total of three award categories will be open for nomination from October 2017 and closes on 30 Nov 2017.

  • 1.   NSCC Outstanding HPC Scientific Award

    This award aims to recognise outstanding individual/team with noteworthy scientific achievement in the development and implementation of research topics/projects using HPC-led applications.

  • 2.   NSCC Outstanding HPC Industry Application Award

    This award aims to recognise the most outstanding organization that has achieved major milestones in the development and implementation of projects using HPC-led applications, to achieve the most industry impact in the process of striving towards commercialisation.

  • 3.   NSCC Outstanding HPC Innovation Award

    This award aims to recognize outstanding individual/team with a fresh, creative and innovative approach to the development and implementation of projects using HPC-led applications, with success stories involving and promoting HPC within the local/global HPC community.

These awards also aim to give recognition to research and commercial efforts that tap on Singapore’s first petascale supercomputer’s computational power to drive innovation, raise productivity and improve lives. The national facility, managed by NSCC is named ASPIRE 1 (Advanced Supercomputer for Petascale Innovation, Research and Enterprise).


These award categories will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished HPC professionals and luminaries who have made great contributions within the local and international HPC community through in the arena of work and/or research projects.

  • 1.   Extent of High Performance Computing (HPC) resource application used

  • 2.  The extent of the project’s scalability must be proven.

  • 3.  The individual/organisation must have achieve significant scientific/industry impact that may include one of the following:

    a.   Adoption of technology for existing/potential commercial uses that results in signification cost savings for the organisation

    b.  Research findings will lead to a breakthrough that, with the adoption of technology, benefits mankind.